MDRT Global Services Study Groups


How to register

Becoming part of a study group is simple. Twice a year, MDRT Global Services sends out registration information on study groups to all its members. You can choose to be a study group participant or leader. Once registration closes, study groups of four to six participants, along with one leader, will be created. If you’ve missed the registration period, send an email to and we’ll assign you to a group as one becomes available.

Time commitment

We suggest that you meet with your group monthly, if possible, for 60 to 90 minutes. For leaders, your commitment is a bit more involved since you’ll work with your group to set up meetings and discussions. To make it easier to take on a leadership role with the study groups, we’ll send leaders discussion guides each month that can facilitate the conversation. You can select one of these for your conversation or work with your group to set up discussion topics.


Study group discussions are private and confidential.

In-person meeting

The study groups will be held virtually, but there will be time to meet in person during MDRT’s Annual Meeting and Global Conference. The Global Services’ reception at each event gives study group members a chance to meet their group in person.